Shark 1600 Floats

Originally designed in 1999 by Downwind Technology, the development of the Shark Series line of floats evolved out of a need for an optimum blend of aerodynamic and hydrodynamic performance, combined with a state-of-the-art composite structure. 

Today the Shark Float model 1600 is built by BDC Aero Industrie in Canada and thanks to R&D programs we are redesigning the construction procedure to further reduce the weight of the float by implementing monolithic structure over the classic sandwich composite.

Rapid hydroplaning, low surface tension, reduced drag and unmatched durability are just some of the qualities exemplified by the end product.

The pneumatic gear retraction system on our amphibious models is triggered by use of a 4-way toggle valve and features a free drop fail-safe and CO2 back-up system, while confirmation of gear extension and retraction is accomplished by means of reed switch activated position lights.

The monolithic carbon synthetic composite V-hull is design to resist to puncture, the Shark Series IV floats has been engineered to be the standard bearer in the industry.

Standard Features:

  • CAD designed for optimum aerodynamic and hydrodynamic performance
  • Finite Element  Analysis for stress calculation
  • Carbon Synthetic  for fracture and puncture protection
  • Molded-in hard mounting plates
  • Retractable water rudder system
  • Durable composite construction using a state-of-the-art vacuum infusion process
  • One Piece composite bulkhead construction
  • No hidden fees - Rigging, cabling and gear all included in the price
  • Positioning Lights for each Wheel
  • Fittings and wheels can be coated in PVD for corrosion resistance

Tech Data:






1430 lbs

Straight Floats

165 lbs


1430 lbs

Quad Gear Amphibious Floats - Series III

200 lbs


Float Specifications:

  • Length: 193”
  • Widest Width: 27”
  • Depth @ step: 19”
  • Maximum Floatation: 1710 lbs per float
  • Construction Material: Composite Monolithic Carbon Synthetic Laminate
  • Rigging Construction: Aluminum, Chrome-Moly, Stainless Steel Cable
  • Gear Actuation: 12 VDC, Pneumatic
  • Rudder Retraction: Manual
  • Manufacturing Specification ASTM F2245-07A.X5 (Tested to 9.2 G)
Shark Floats Production
Shark Floats Production
Shark Floats Production