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BDC Aero Industries is a Canadian company based in the city of Lachute, Quebec. We are passionate about aviation and are proud to offer quality products and services. Our products include light sport aircrafts, floats and propellers and we offer aircraft maintenance, engine overhaul, propeller overhaul and Dynon services.

BDC Aero Industries began in 2008 with the production of its flagship aircraft, the PUMA.

Its success as a comfortable high performance Light Sport Aircraft allowed us to extend our line of products.

In 2012 with acquired Shark Floats model 1350 and 1600 from Downwind Technology and today we improved the already successful product to a new level by reducing the weight by 30%.

We do all of our development in a facility in Lachute Airport, Quebec.

Our company is committed to applying modern materials, progressive design concepts and safety improvements to the Light Sport Category.

We now boast a strong team of experienced professionals committed to quality development, production and consumer service of our aircrafts, product and services. 

Thank you for choosing BDC Aero Industrie.


Puma Aircraft Facility Production

Puma Aircraft Inflight


Aircraft Exterior Photos


Aircraft Interior Photos


Our Services

Propeller Sale and Services

Experienced team trained at GT factory in Italy, we provide propeller overhaul, static balancing, dynamic balancing and repairs.

Please contact us for a quote.

  • Propeller balancing
  • Propeller painting

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Dynon Avionics Sale and Services

Installation and upgrade of Dynon Avionics as well as troubleshooting existing system

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Aircraft and Ultralight Maintenance

We do maintenance for aircraft and ultralight as well as machining custom parts.

Our shop is equipped with CNC router to cut aluminum skin and we have a 3D scanning system to reproduce old parts

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Customs Parts and Prototype

We can produce custom parts like: ribs, spars, any composite shape, custom cowling, and engine mounts for various aircraft. We are also affiliate with Metalilux for PVD Coating on all the metal parts for corrosion resistance application as well as full exhaust system coating.

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Structural Composite Repair

Over 20 years of experience in composite parts and repair, sandwich, foam core, infusion, and hand layup.

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Custom Dashboard for Certified and non Certified Aircraft

We can do any type of dashboard in alluminum or composite with all your avionics, modify your existing one if necessary.