The PUMA is a Canadian Aircraft that originate from the Italian Ultralight Pluto.

The Italian designer Antonio Bortolanza created the Pluto Ultralight in a small town in Italy on the mid 80’s The Pluto was designed according to the European standard under ultralight regulation to meet the max takeoff weight of 990lbs.

In 2005 BDC Aero Industrie redesign the aircraft according to the LAMAC regulation to fit the Advanced Ultralight Regulation at 1230lbs max takeoff weight.

In 2012 BDC Aero Industrie complete the first Limited Class Category with Transport Canada where the size, structure, production procedure, and quality control were implemented to meet the standards for a max takeoff weight of 1320lbs on wheels and 1420lbs on floats.

Although the airplane resemble the Italian made, the new PUMA, has a total new structure, components and interior, as well as new engines power and configuration.

Today the Puma comes with Rotax 912 UL, 912ULS, 912iS, 914UL all of them mounted on a dyno focal engine mount.


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