The Puma Sport Aircraft

Are you looking for an airplane that allows real cross-country flights in comfort? Do you want to operate from short fields with confidence? The PUMA will fulfill your expectations!

The Puma Aircraft is two seat tricycle tractor high wing monoplane produced in Canada, is made in composite and aluminum material.

Attention to detail and flowing body lines give this airplane an excellent performance in its category.

Safe, easy and pleasant to fly, a real trainer, simple to maintain and to build, high quality at competitive cost: these qualities make the PUMA a great aircraft.

Recognized for being ideal for recreational flying as well as flight training, the PUMA is designed with three very important factors in mind: safety, comfort, and performance.

It is develop and tested as per Transport Canada and LSA FAA regulations,  it  has excellent max cruising speed of 120 knots at an outstanding fuel economy of 4.7G/hr (Rotax 912iS).­­­

The Puma has a comfortable cabin, 1.12m (44in) wide, with a high overhead clearance while sitting, and plenty of legroom, with pockets in the center console as well as in the back of the seats. The ergonomic dashboard houses the avionics, which are easy to reach and read.  There is high visibility due to the large sky view windshield and doors windows.

The Puma is sold as a factory built only and can have the following types of approval:

  • Light Sport Aircraft (U.S.A) VFR day/night
  • Experimental (U.S.A) VFR day/night, IFR
  • Limited Class (Canada and other countries) VFR day/night, IFR
  • Advanced UltraLight (Canada) VFR day only
  • At the moment we do not offer home build amateur construction

BDC Aero Industrie  making your dreams become reality!


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