The PUMA is a small airplane perfectly suited for flying schools and sport flying. Made to fit tall people, it has a good fuel economy and a comfortable cabin. It is a two seat tricycle tractor high wing monoplane with double controls.

The instrument panel starts from the center position and goes toward to the left where the pilot in command sits.

  •  The wing is connected through a rigid structure.
  •  Landing gear is a tricycle configuration with castering nose gear.
  •  The fuselage and main landing gear structure are made by certified composite resin moulded under vacuum and cured at high temperature.
  •  The wing structure, ailerons, flaps, horizontal stabilizer, elevator, rudder are fabricated on 7129 T5 and 6061 T6 aluminium, all the others parts are in 6061 T6.
  •  All controls are pivoting on bushings and play free. They actuate respectively elevator, ailerons and rudder.
  •  The instruments are displayed in a visible manner for both pilot and co-pilot.
  •  Throttle, brakes, flaps and electrical buttons are reachable for both pilots.
  • Loading factors on the aircraft are +4g -2g and they refer at the max weight of 1232lb. (560kg).
  • Propulsion is generated by a four stroke engine Rotax 912 UL 80Hp or 912ULS 100Hp and drives a gear box connected to a propeller tractor configuration.

Performance / Specifications with 80 HP Rotax

Useful Load

570 lbs (260kg)

Empty Weight

662 lbs (300 kg)

Gross Weight

1232 lbs (560 kg)


Rotax 912UL

Cruise Speed 75%  Rotax 912 UL

120 mph (192 km/h)

Stall Speed

44 mph (70 km/h)

Rate of Climb

900 feet/min (4.5m/sec)@ 25C˚

Take Off Run

328 feet (100 m)

Take Off over 15m

722 feet (220 m)

Glide Ratio


Wing Span

28 feet (8.5 m)


20.8 feet (6.33 m)

Fuel Capacity

24 gallons (90L)

Cabin Width

44 inches (1118 mm)

The cabin is heated and enclosed. The aircraft has two composite doors with two hinges on the front to avoid accidental openings during flight, in case the doors are not locked properly.

The propeller can be two or three blade with a max diameter of 65”

To turn on the ground or taxi at low speed, the PUMA requires the use of the differential brakes that can be toe or hand type.

The inspection on the frame is every 200hours.

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